Vikas Water security std 10 Handbook-Cum-Journal Answers

 Vikas Water security std 10 Handbook-Cum-Journal Answers

Vikash Water Water security std 10 Handbook-Cum-Journal Answers

Water Security Pdf std 10 Maharashtra Board Handbook-Cum-Journal Solutions

In this blog, you can find the solution of water security std 10 Handbook-Cum-Journal it will help you to complete your general on time and get good marks in the exam.

Water Security Pdf Std 10 SSC Contents:

Humans and the environment are interdependent. Water is one of the natural resources available in the environment which is absolutely essential for the survival of all living beings. So it has become necessary to know the in-depth and scientific information about the water available to humans. Therefore, the subject of Water Security has been introduced as a compulsory grade subject for Standard X from the academic year 2020-21. The main objective of this subject is to provide information to the students about water literacy, water conservation, water management, water quality, etc.

Water security std 10 Handbook-Cum-Journal Answers

In the water security, handbook-Cum-general activities are divided into 4 units first is Water education second unit is water conservation third unit is water management and the last unit 4 is water quality

The solution of Water Security Standard 10TH is given below-

Vikas Water security std 10 Handbook-Cum-Journal Answers

Unit 1 :

Water Education

Page No-7 to 38

Unit 2 :

Water Conservation

Page No-39 to 73

Unit 3:

Water Management

Page No-80 to 108

Unit 4:

Water Quality

Page No-110 to 139



Water, water all around, 
Water we keep safe and sound.

Wasting water is just not good.
Save all the water that you could.

We drink a bit and the rest we throw, 
To this bad habit, we must say no.

The leaky tap drips day and night, 
Make sure your taps are shut tight.

Just think of all the water lost, 
How many lives that might cost.

So save water and do your part,
Have a content and happy heart.

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